Player Profiles

NB – All stats on profiles correct as at 17 June 2013.

Current Full Squad
1 Darren Sear
2 Jamie Parkins
3 Matt Wells
4 Chris Dundon
5 Stuart Holdham
6 Rob Sterry
7 Joel Moody
8 Paul Whittenbury
9 Dave Soloway
10 Richard Murphy
11 Warren Flanagan
12 Brad Simmons
14 Lee Evans
15 Martin Owen
16 Steve Eustice
17 Ally Hill
18 Alex Prentice
19 Dan Willis
20 Phil McBride
21 Tom Beck
22 Jeremy Hinds
23 Matt Ainsley
24 Mat Ball
25 Rob Stone
26 Tim Down
27 Mickey Eales
28 Richard Walker
29 Martin Pollard
30 James Jenkins
32 Ben Pegram
33 Andy Lewers
34 Aidy Spender
35 Laurence Wells
36 Jerker Kjellander
38 Chris Westcott
41 Matt Ladell
43 David Morren
46 Maurice Clarke
47 Frank Smith
50 Chris Dew
62 Panos Fellas
66 Andy Myall
69 Ed Sterry
77 Stuart Nicholls
88 Mark Brennan
92 Jimmy Davis
95 Ben Bateman
99 Richard Wenham

Long-term injured

In an effort to help us keep on top of availabilities, we’re going to keep tabs on anyone from the full squad with a long term injury, or other extended absence. If your name is listed below, we don’t need you to respond to threads until we reach the expected comeback date..

If anyone else gets a long term injury, or is going to be absent for a spell, please let Phil McBride know via Email or Facebook.

NB – Any injury or absence that will keep you out of games for at least a month will be classed as long-term.

Associated Players
Dave Messenger
Andy Stocks
Ian Grinstead
John Akers
Neil Hall

Ben Clarke

Chris Davis

Mark Collins
James Collins
James Hannaford
Josh Freedman
Simon Jones