Past Managers

Team Manager
Aidy Spender
Pete Fincham
Lee Evans
Ian Lay Unknown – 2002
Julian Carrera 2002-03
Ian Grinstead 2003-04
Dave Messenger 2004-05
Scott Mathers & Paul Watt 2005-08
Mat Ball 2008-2011
Chris Davis 2011-

A Team at Worldnet (where different to above)
Miles Jacobson 1998
Mike Scofield 2002
Tony Buckoke 2005
Rob Sterry 2010

B Team
Jamie Parkins 2002
Ian Grinstead 2003
Julian Carrera 2004
Simon Devon 2005, 2007-09
Pete Fincham 2006

Steve Eustice 2010
Pete Fincham 2011-

Pete Fincham
Ian Lay Unknown-2002
Rob Sterry & Simon Neill 2002-04
Paul Karlsen 2004-06
Dave Messenger 2006-2009
Matt Wells 2009-2012
Phil McBride 2012-

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